What we are learning in our classroom


This month we are leaning:

Reading-We are working with a program called Fundations which is geared towards helping students practice recognizing alphabet letters, sounds, beginning sounds, and blending sounds together to form words. We will be learning about the following letters this month: e, r,p, j, l h, k, v, w, y, & x.

Sight Words-We will be learning the following sight words: an, me, white, am, green, it, one, like, pink, and, the, gray

Math– We will be learning how to identify and describe repeating patterns. Students will be able to describe the core of a repeating pattern. Students will be able to create a repeating pattern. Students will be comparing and contrasting patterns.

Science-  We will be talking about weather observations and the season of Fall/ Autumn. We will investigate and understand the needs and life processes of plants and animals. We will learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin.

Social Studies- We will learn about economic choices people make. We will talk about needs and wants.