What we are learning in our classroom


This month we are leaning:

Reading-We are working with a program called Fundations which is geared towards helping students practice recognizing alphabet letters, sounds, beginning sounds, and blending sounds together to form words. We will be learning about diagraphs (two letters that make one sound; th, wh, sh, ch, & ck. Students will practice blending sounds of CVC and diagraphs to make words. Students will use magnetic boards to make various words. Students will also practice writing these words on dry erase boards.

Sight Words-We will be learning the following sight words: run, jump, eat, good, this & what.

Word Families- We will be working with short e word families (et, en, eg, & ed). Students will be practicing making, reading, and writing words from these particular word families.

Math– Students will practice telling time to the hour using both analog and digital time. Students will practice recognizing the following coins: pennies, nickel, dimes, and quarters. Students will practice counting a mixture of of coins consisting of pennies and nickels up to ten cents. Students will identify equal and not equal parts. Students will identify a whole and parts. Students will practice recognizing, making, and writing fractions consisting of 1/2, 1/4, and 1/3.


Science-  Students will learn about magnetic and non-magnetic objects. Students will test various objects to see whether they are magnetic or non-magnetic. Students will understand magnets have poles (north & south). Students will understand how magnets attract and repel. Students will experiment with various types of magnets to see whether they will attract or repel. Students will test various objects too.

Social Studies- Students will learn about the contributions of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln to our history.

Rainbow Sight Words

Rainbow Sight Words

Learning high-frequency sight words is very important to your child’s ability to read fluently. Some words cannot be decoded easily, and your child should know them by sight – we call them sight words. This year we will refer to these words as our:

Rainbow sight words
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