October 12th-16th

Here is what we are learning about this week in our classroom:

Reading- We will continue our discussion about the fall season and listen to various stories about fall. We will work in small groups on finding previously taught letters and sight words within our featured stories.

Writing- We will review previously taught letters (Mm, Ss, Rr, Tt, Nn, Bb, Hh, & Aa) & sight words (I, see, red, a, my, yellow, we, is, orange, can, at, black, go, to , brown, an, me, white). Students will practice writing a complete sentence in their writing journals.

Math- We will continue our discussion on patterns. We have talked about AB patterns in class using pictures & movements. Students will learn about AAB, AABB, and ABC patterns using pictures and movements. Students will use various manipulatives as well to help make and identify patterns.

Science- We will talk about seasonal changes in fall/autumn.


  • We will be going on our field trip to Westmoreland Berry Farm on Friday October 23rd.
  • Please try to send in permission slips and field trip money by Friday October 16th.
  • If you need another permission slip, please let me know and I will send another one home with your child.