Welcome to Kindergarten!

I am excited about our new school year! The students are going to learn their alphabet letters and sounds and learn new skills to help them blend various sounds together to make words. Students will learn how to read and practice sight words. Children will learn how to write sentences. Students will learn how to count up to 100 (by 1’s, 5,s and 10’s), tell time, count money, learn about different shapes, and how to interpret a graph (just to name some of many things we will learn about this school year.).

This week students will be talking about he following things:

Reading-Listening to stories that talk about being a good friend. and getting ready for kindergarten. Students will learn how to compare and contrast characters in stories. Talk about student’s names.

Writing– Students will be given various opportunities to practice writing his/her name.

Math– Students will practice counting a series of objects. Students will learn how to interpret a graph.

Social Studies- Students will learn how to be a good citizen in school and in their community. Students will help create rules for the classroom and follow them. Students will practice proper hallway travel.